Saturday, October 19, 2013

Using Raspberry Pi as IRC Client

I wanted to be continually logged into IRC and also use it as a logging client for message on the #doothings IRC channel.
What better way than to use Raspberry Pi?

Steps for using Raspberry Pi as IRC Client

  1. We will use IRSSI, whici is a terminal based IRC client.
  2. Install it by running sudo apt-get install irssi
  3. Also install screen by running sudo apt-get install screen
  4. screen and then press Enter
  5. IRSSI irssi
  6. /server
  7. /join #doothings
  8. Now you have logged-in to the #doothings IRC Channel.
  9. To Detach from the Client. Press Ctrl + a and then d
  10. You should be back to the terminal window.
  11. To rejoin the IRC window run screen -r

Settings for irssi

  1. To ignore joins / quits / nicks changes on a specific channel.
    /ignore -channels #chan1,#chan2,#chan3 * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS
  2. Auto Connect to a Server on startup
    /SERVER ADD -auto -network IRCnet 6667
  3. Auto Join to Specificed channels
    /CHANNEL ADD -auto #doothings IRCnet
  4. To Keep logging all these conversations
  5. To set Nicks and Real Name etc.
    /SET -> This should show all existing configured parameters.
    To change these just say
    /SET param-name value like /SET nick nism-pi
  6. /SAVE to save the entire configuration.
    All these steps if you think need to be improved, you can send in a pull request here


  1. Thanks for providing such a useful and concise set of some of the most important commands an irssi n00b like myself can fit onto a single sheet of paper. Brilliant!

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  3. There was an idea to use the IRC protocol as a transport for connecting IoT devices, such as RPi or ESP, and now we are creating an open IRC-IoT protocol for this.

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