Thursday, July 31, 2014


For someone who has loved C since he first started coding and still does, watching everyone else type away in his favorite language while his sorry ass has to deal with Matlab is a bit too much, call me sick but i am more attached to this primitive high level language than my own mother tounge.

For a year it went on, Matlab never failed to amaze me, but it never appealed to me as a choice of tool that i prefer, being a OpenSource hippie has its own disadvantages. I have worked on Matlab before, but those were sad days, when the night was dark and full of terrors, I myself prefered the staying away from something that wont reveal its true self, but now i had to work with it.

One fine morning in march 2014 i happened to search some gibberish on Google and happened to strike against this project by "Kyak" on github. I do not even know his real name or his gender, but the work he did did impress me..

I loved working with the hardware, but thrown into this abstract mess of interfaces that changed with every release cycle to the Customer meant, i can never really expect some surety in my software and bugs were bound to be present.

enough gibberish.. now, This project here deals with embedded coder and simulink coder, for those who do not know what this is...

It is a tool that converts graphical models to professional grade C code. sounds too good? yes it is.. considering the huge license fee.. its totally worth it for huge organization and there are so many of them.

This guy has made some set of scripts that create the blocksets needed to communicate with the Stellaris Launchpad from Texas Instruments, and all this can be done inside matalb, so stop worrying about the hardware issues, code away your idea, the rest will fall into its place.

Will come up with more things on this project after providing my contributuion to the same.

Do check this project out...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Turning On and OFF syntax highlighting in VI

we all have our own preferred  way of writing code, most of the developers prefer an IDE while there are some who still love the classic terminal based editor like emacs or vi/vim.
I am of the latter kind and prefer vi over emacs (a personal choice btw.)
so how do you turn on and off the syntax highlighting in vi editor?
simple, go into the command mode by pressing esc and type the following

:syntax on
to turn on the syntax highlighting

:syntax off
to turn off syntax highlighting